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What is Forbidden Fruit Cannabis? 

  • Forbidden Fruit Cannabis is a Medical Cannabis Company and Delivery Service serving Brunswick Maine and Surrounding Areas. 

When Was Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Founded? 

  • Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Was Founded In 2020 In The Midst Of One Of The Craziest Years We Have Experienced! 

Where is Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Located?

  • We Currently Do Not Have A Store Front, Only Deliveries. Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Growing Operation Is In Woolwich Maine & Serves The Surrounding Areas of Woolwich and Brunswick. 

Who Is Forbidden Fruit Cannabis?

  • Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Is A Husband & Wife Team! We Are The Cultivators, Trimmers, Designers, Researchers, Idea Havers 😂 & Media Managers. We Do Everything! 

What Does Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Specialize In?

  • At Forbidden Fruit Cannabis We Are Trying To Create An Experience For Our Everyday Medical Patients That Is Of Quality & Uniqueness. We Spend An Immense Amount Of Time On Product Development & Presentation. Laura Designs All Packaging Herself. Our Jars Are Vacuum Sealed To Ensure Freshness & Keep The Cannabis Curing In The Jar Right Up Until You Roll It! All Of Our Products On The Market Right Now Are Original & Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else In Maine, From Our Vac Sealed Jars To Our Massage Candle, Flavor Bead Preroll Packs, & Nano Flavored Mouth Spray. 

Why Do We Do This?

  • Jonathans love for cannabis and its magic came about when he began suffering intense lower back pain from high school related football injuries, later finding out from X-Rays (and serious medical bills) he has two bulging disks. He has tried many natural pain relief methods (being that he is against pharmaceuticals) but nothing works for him like THC and CBD products. Laura has found relief with cannabis when using it for her anxiety. She hopes to be able to share her knowledge of cannabis with others who struggle with anxiety and use her best judgement to point others to strains that will help benefit them. We both think that cannabis is an amazing plant that can benefit many people in a lot of different ways and want to bring that to light.
 “I want to be able to oversee the plant from the Clone stage to when it is about to be in the customers hands. Its not just about making sure the plant successfully grows to its full healthy potential. The processes of drying, curing, trimming, sorting, packaging, all play a big role in final product quality which is something thats very important to me and I want to play a part in all of it. For me this isn't just a business or a hobby, its personal." says Jonathan.
                                                                                     Our Staff
                                                                                       Jonathan De Souza 
                                                                                     Laura Koenig